From now on, the concentrated power of the MGV L105 is also available on a handcart for transporting it by a swap body. This innovative design has now been delivered for the first time.

High performance but maximum flexibility was the requirement of the Offenburg fire department to our development team, because not every possible ventilation opening of the objects in Offenburg can be approached with a truck chassis. The MGV must be carried along with a swap body by a truck; a trailer solution was therefore eliminated.

Thus, the MGV L105 CITY was born in a special designed model: a MGV L105 on a flexible handcart with a lift-rotation-tilt device to justify it directly from the swap body – regardless of the substructure. If the fire scene or the ventilation opening can’t be reached directly with the firetruck, the MGV can be driven from the swap body by means of ramps and pushed by two fire fighters to the object. In that case – despite the high thrust of the L105 – the entire lifting and tilting area is still available.